Another action packed week is upon us! For today’s main topic, Dan is sharing some tips on how to be a better boss. It isn’t all about the numbers, it is about the individuals. As you create and expand your team, it is important to remain focused on some fairly simple rules to help put the people around you in the best position to be successful. While sales and profit are important, the numbers are the result of how you manage people, not how you manage numbers. The only way to get better numbers (regardless of your measurements scheme) is to improve the performance of the individuals who work for you.

Here is a recap of the rules:

MANAGE individuals, not numbers

ADAPT your style to each person

MEASURE what’s truly relevant

ONLY one priority per person

STAY even-tempered

TAKE responsibility for your unsatisfactory performance

SHARE your thoughts and ideas

ASK questions rather than always providing answers

TREAT everyone as equally as possible

DON’T expect more than you’re willing to give

EXPLAIN the reasoning behind your decisions

DON’T procrastinate, decide now!

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