Many of us have goals set for the new year, but why? Why did we set these specific goals? What do they mean to us? Can you visualize yourself achieving it? Can you feel it? Those are the big questions of today’s episode. Many of us, Dan included sometimes, start from the outside in when setting our goals. We determine what we want, and then how we are going to achieve it, and sometimes then figure why we want it. Instead, we should be starting from the inside out. Start with the why. Why is this goal important to you? Why did you open this company?

The why of Blue Collar Back Office is to help small businesses. That is the core of why we do what we do. The how is through our bookkeeping and coaching services, and the what is the result of that – loyal and successful clients and a profitable company. If we focused from the outside in we would not be where we are today. If our why was just to make a profit our clients wouldn’t be as loyal or successful, we wouldn’t be driven to go the lengths we do to service them, and our “product” and sales would suffer.

As you set personal goals ask yourself the same question. Are these goals really what you want or are they the goals that you think you are supposed to want? It is common for people to set goals based on the expectations of society, their family, friends, etc. You have a much greater chance of achieving goals that align with your why than those that don’t. It is easy to give up on a goal that is really somebody else’s. Goals should inspire and motivate you. You should be able to visualize yourself achieving it.

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