We start the week by reviewing a hierarchy of thinking styles presented by psychologist Adam Grant. In his 5-tier pyramid, he reveals the how the vast majority of us process our day to day lives – and, consequently, grow or stagnate. It’s simple, really: The best of the all thinkers are able to say, “I might be wrong.” They welcome outside voices, opinions, perspectives. They lean on evidence without dismissing emotional impact. In sum, they’re learners — they always want to know more. And that knowing is not just information gathering; it’s learning new processes, new systems, entirely new ways of thinking. The best thinkers are not afraid to overturn the proverbial apple cart.

We end the episode discussing a new program that Dan has started using that has made a dramatic impact on his daily work flow. The program is called Shift and it allows the management and compartmentalization of several email accounts into one program. Each account has its own working area complete with calendar, Google Drive if applicable, and browser tabs. The program is not free, but it is extremely useful for anyone who manages multiple email accounts and works in many different areas throughout a given day like Dan does.

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