We are back! After an update on Tucker’s recovery we jump right into the new year. On most Monday’s we talk about organization, structure, scheduling, goal setting, etc. and what better Monday to do it than the first one of the year! There are going to be lots of urgent items popping up over the next couple days, weeks, and months, but if you have done the work up front to set your goals and schedule it can all be managed without getting overwhelmed.

Didn’t spend any time of the last few weeks of 2021 setting up your goals, budgets, schedule? That’s ok! Today is new opportunity! Lay out your goals for the year. Breakdown the steps that you need to take to achieve those goals (because they are going to be reached magically). Start working on your weekly schedule so you can focus on what is important, not just what it is urgent. Start putting in the work today!

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