Today we wrap up our deep dive into The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. The book and its teachings can be transformative for your life and business. However, like an airplane getting knocked off its course, things won’t always go as planned 100% of the time. That’s ok! Don’t get discouraged! When you have a plan, and the ability to make small adjustments you can get yourself to right destination.

To help remember the immense amount of information that is shared in the book they were nice enough to provide 21 Highly Effective Practices that will help along the way.

Habit 1:

1. Pause and respond based on principals and desired results.

2. Use proactive language.

3. Focus on your Circle of Influence.

4. Become a Transition Person.

Habit 2:

5. Define outcomes before you act.

6. Create and live by a personal mission statement.

Habit 3:

7. Focus on your highest priority.

8. Eliminate the unimportant.

9. Plan every week.

10. Stay true in the moment of choice.

Habit 4:

11. Build your Emotional Bank Account with others

12. Have an Abundance Mentality

13. Balance courage and consideration.

14. Consider other people’s wins as well as your own.

15. Create Win-Win Agreements.

Habit 5:

16. Practice Emphatic Listening.

17. Respectfully seek to be understood.

Habit 6:

18. Value differences.

19. Seek 3rd Alternatives.

Habit 7:

20. Achieve the Daily Private Victory

21. Balance production and production capability.

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