Today’s episode is chock full of tips/rules you can apply to help you achieve what they call “higher emotional intelligence”. Want to accomplish your career goals? Focus on 5 instead of 25. Having a hard time getting started on a big project? Make a deal with yourself that you will only work on it for 5 minutes. If after 5 minutes you really want to quit working on it you can, but in the meantime you have “tricked” your brain from thinking something was huge and overwhelming to making it a small and manageable task.

Before you respond to an email or speak up in a meeting, ask yourself the following questions:

Does this need to be said?

Does this need to be said by me?

Does this need to be said by me, now?

How will I feel about this in:

a day?

a week?

a month?

a year?

Plenty more good tips shared throughout the episode.

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