Back in NJ and ready to jump into Habit 3 – Put First Things First from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Today we dive right in by asking 2 important questions at the top, and then discussing independent will. Successful people don’t like doing everything they have to do to be successful, but they do it anyway! Check out the website for more content


The chapter starts with 2 very important questions: What one thing could you do (something that you aren’t doing right now) that, if you did it on a regular basis, would make a tremendous positive difference in your personal life? The second question is the same but is in your business and professional life. Not necessarily an easy question to answer! Think on it, write it down, and we will come back to it later in the week.

Habit 3 is the fulfillment of habits 1 and 2. Habit tells us that we are in control, that we are in charge. Habit 2 is the first or mental creation (our personal mission statement, goals, etc.). Habit 3 is then the 2nd or physical creation. We now realize we have the control and we now we know what it is that is important to us and our goals. Habit 3 is now the management of that on a day to day basis to become principled centered and reach our goals.

Independent will is what makes habit 3 and effective self-management possible. It is our ability to make decisions and choices that are in accordance with our values and principles. We are acting instead of being acted upon. Despite great underdog stories that take up the news or movies, true empowerment and success usually doesn’t come from a once in a lifetime opportunity. It comes from the day in and day out discipline to do what is right. To do the things we know we should do even if it isn’t any fun to do them.

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