How do you get to spend more time working on the things that are important to you? By saying to the things that are not important. It’s that easy! It’s also not that easy. Check out the website for more content


Today we continue to stress the importance of working as much in possible on the things that are important to you. These things are not necessarily urgent or important to anyone else, but because we have developed our personal mission statement, and we have goals in place we should be able to identify and work on the things that truly matter. There will always be things that pop up in box 1 that are urgent and important so start by saying no to things in boxes 3 and 4. Remember, box 3 are items that are urgent, and they may be important to someone, but they are not important to you, so say no to doing those things.

Working in box 2 on the things that matter takes being proactive. They aren’t urgent. It is easy to put other things in front of them. However, we know that the more we ignore box 2 that more things will continue to pop up in boxes 1 and 3 and pretty soon our whole lives can be moving from one crisis and urgent matter to the next without ever getting to really work on what is important. Say YES to your priorities. Say YES to your goals. Say NO to working on items that don’t align with them.

We say yes or no all day everyday. Every time you say yes to someone else’s priority you are saying no to your priority.

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