Technical Tuesday is back! Today we cover an absolutely brilliant and easy to use feature in QuickBooks Online – receipt capture. This feature will save you hours, get you more organized, and eliminate a ton of clutter in your office. Check out the website for more content


Anyone here have a shoebox of receipts sitting in their office? Get rid of it! QuickBooks Online has a feature that will eliminate all of that clutter and save you tons of time. The receipt capture feature is available on all subscription levels. It is a feature that will increase productivity and make you more effective immediately.

There are 3 main ways to get receipts into QuickBooks Online. The first is to upload the image from your desktop into the Receipts center (under the banking tab). The second is to email the receipt to the custom email address you create through the system. The third is to utilize the QuickBooks Mobile App to take the picture and capture the receipt right through there.

Once uploaded, the system will work to extract information directly from the receipt. It will extract the amount, vendor information, make a suggestion for category of expense, etc. In the receipt center in QuickBooks Online you can review all of the receipts that have been uploaded. There you can make changes to the vendor, category, add memo notes, assign it to a customer, etc. Once you then create the expense the image is saved to the transaction for future reference if ever needed. If the transaction has already been processed through your bank feed and is on your register, the receipt center will notify you that a match has been found.

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