Dan’s favorite day of the work week is here again! In addition to the friendly reminders about spending some time going over your company financials and how important that is to your overall success, Dan also shares what he put together so far for his personal mission statement. Using the exercise of identifying his roles in life and goals associated to them has been extremely useful so he is sharing that with everyone. Check out the website for more content www.bcbousa.com


Dan has not completed his personal mission statement. Yet. Not 100%. However, he did use the exercise shared in Habit 2 to identify his roles in life and then create goals associated with each of them. In the spirit of transparency, and in hopes it might inspire someone else to take up this exercise, Dan has decided to share them with everyone.


– Be someone Kevin and Emma can count on and trust.
– When I am with them give them 100% of my attention.
– Be a source of wisdom and guidance. Share my experiences.
– Be someone they respect, but also someone that they look at who is fun to be with. Don’t just be another adult telling them what to do, but also don’t be a pushover.

– Be known as reliable and trustworthy.
– Keep my commitments to them.
– Make them laugh.
– Support them.

Family Member:
– Never allow them to be able to question my loyalty to them
– Keep my commitments
– Support them when needed
– Be honest and allow them to know the real me

Business Owner:
– Put the people that work here in the position to be successful
– Listen and learn
– Provide leadership through my actions, not my words
– Remember that I can not change my employees or clients, I can only change myself
– Provide focus and attention to whomever I am engaged with. Do not allow distractions to take away from my current task.
– Be honest and genuine
– Praise in public, ridicule in private
– Be effective, not busy
– Reach my daily potential

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