As we work our way through The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey we are now transitioning from the habits that result in “private victory” to the habits that result in “public victory”. Our foundation must be strong before we can start to build upon it, and our relationships with other people in our lives play a huge role in our success. Check out the website for more info


Before we dive into Habit 4 “Think win-win” we cover the transition from private victory to public victory. Private victory must come first. We must be independent, and sure of our principled center, etc. before we can start to attract and make real change on the outside world. One of the real keys to success according to Stephen is interdependence. We are not relying on only ourselves to be effective and get things done. We are working with others, and utilizing all of our strengths as one to achieve true greatness. That starts with you, and your foundation, and your relationships with other people.

How people view and think of you will play a big role in your ability to achieve interdependence. It is important that not we not only focus on tasks and goals, but also on the relationships in our lives. We need to maintain that P/PC balance. We can help do that through carrying ourselves with integrity. Keeping our commitments. Being honest. Apologizing when me make mistakes. Take the time to understand the individuals in your life. Make real connections with them so that a trust and loyalty is built up between you.

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