Our entire lives are not a competition. We do not have to lose for someone else to be successful, nor do we have to be in competition with everyone around us. Today we discuss the concept of Win/Win – where we are seeking agreements or solutions that are mutually beneficial and mutually satisfying to everyone involved. It does not apply to ALL areas of your life, but it should apply to many. Check out the website for more info www.bcbousa.com


Most people tend to think in a win or lose mentality. It is something we are brought up throughout school, athletics, family, etc. While there are certain areas where there can only be a winner and a loser, having that mentality in all areas of your life is not the path to long term success. Today we break down 5 different types of thought for human interaction, especially in regards to your professional life (business owner, manager, etc.).

Win/Win – Win/Win seeks mutually beneficial and satisfying solutions. Everyone gets what they want out of the interaction, negotiation, etc. It is based on cooperation, not competition.

Win/Lose – Self explanatory – I want to win, so that means you lose. You may get more results in the short term, but the effect this attitude has on your relationships is damaging.

Lose/Win – These type of people are programmed for defeat. They let others push them around, always assume the worst is going to happen, and seek out acceptance or popularity by giving in.

Lose/Lose – Usually when two Win/Lose people are in competition with each other and decide that “If I can’t win, no one can” or something similar. It is rooted in vengeance, and vindictive behavior that does not actually serve anyone.

Win – Don’t necessarily think about care if someone else loses. Doesn’t consider them at all. Only thinks about winning. That’s it. Everything else is irrelevant.

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