Want to know something that is liberating? Going into a negotiation with a Win/Win or No Deal mentality. It eliminates a lot of pressure. If we can’t find a solution that benefits us both, we agree to disagree – No Deal. This kind of thinking is a great way to build long term relationships with your clients. Check out the website for more content www.bcbousa.com


Thinking Win/Win or No Deal is a liberating experience. There is no agenda to push. There is no feeling like a loser if you don’t get your way. It is based on the idea that everyone involved needs to benefit, and if we can’t then we simply do not make a deal. Using the Win/Win or No Deal approach is most realistic at the beginning of any business relationship, and it is something we use with every potential client here at Blue Collar Back Office. All of our clients our long term clients, and if at the beginning of the relationship we have not established an agreement that is mutually beneficial to both of us then it is doomed to fail.

There are five dimensions to Win/Win mentality according to Stephen. It begins with our character, moves to our relationships with other people, out of which will come agreements. These are supported by our systems and processes which nurture a Win/Win attitude. Character is the foundation of Win/Win. Without high character everything else will crumble.

Our character starts with integrity. Something we have discussed many times in the past throughout the first 3 habits. If we can’t keep commitments to ourselves, how can we keep them to other people? If we haven’t clearly defined our values, how can we proactively work and organize around them each day?

Next is maturity. Maturity is the balance between courage and consideration. It is having the courage to go after the things you really want, but also taking into consideration how it will affect those around you. A Win/Lose mentality his high on courage and low on consideration. A Lose/Win mentality is low on courage, but high on consideration. A Win/Win mentality is high on both, and what we should be striving for in every interaction.

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