Favorite day of the work week, and we are covering one of Dan’t favorite topics – Abundance Mentality! My piece of the pie does not affect yours. There is infinite pie to be had. Take as big a piece as you want. There will be plenty left for the rest of us. Check out the website for more content www.bcbousa.com


There are some people (too many people) that have what is a called a Scarcity Mentality. They believe if someone has something or achieves success that means they cannot. If their piece of the pie is big, that means mine is smaller. The opposite is an Abundance Mentality. The understanding that there is plenty of success to go around for everyone.

People with a Scarcity Mentality have a hard time recognizing or appreciating other people’s success. In even in their personal lives, they get jealous of what friends or family achieve because in their minds it means that they cannot have it. They might not outwardly say it, but they harbor those feelings. Instead of focusing on their own self-worth and what they can achieve, they compare themselves to others.

Dan strongly believes in the Abundance Mentality. As someone who believes so strongly in small businesses and has helped create a company that’s main purpose is to help other small businesses be successful, the Abundance Mentality is essential. Abundance mentality is more than understanding there is success for everyone – it is sharing in recognition, prestige, decision making. It means working together, communicating openly, understanding that you are able to create more as a team then you ever could individually.

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