Today we wrap up our deep dive into Habit 2 – Begin with the End in Mind from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. We have worked the last couple days on writing our personal mission statement. Today we take it a step further and discuss the importance of having an organizational mission statement. A mission statement that the whole company creates and buys into. Check out the website for more content


As a personal mission statement helps you identify and reach your goals, an organizational mission statement helps your company do the same. It is important that your company/organizational mission statement is written using involvement from the entire company, not just a few people at the top. Everyone should participate in a meaningful way. The involvement process is as important as the written statement itself.

Throughout the book, Stephen shares several examples of wonderful customer service that he has received throughout the years from hotels and different organizations. The common thread between all the stories was that each company had a mission statement that was created by several people throughout the organization. They were all working towards the same goals. Everyone was involved and everyone bought in.

A proper company mission statement with involvement from the entire team clarifies what the company stands for. What the people stand for. How they relate to the customers. How they relate to each other. It affects management and leadership styles. It affected the type of people that you recruit and hire. It affects training and development. It affects every single part of your business. Without involvement, there is no commitment. Simple as that.

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