Road trip episode! Dan is hitting the road back to NJ today, but before he does he shares some interesting statistics on the importance of sleep. Not getting enough sleep can be the equivalent of drinking beers on the job! That is usually frowned upon! Check out the website for more content


Not many people will brag to you about eating poorly or smoking or not exercising, but some people will brag about how little they sleep. They wear as a badge of honor to show how busy they are, and motivated, etc. However, studies show that what they may actually be telling you is unproductive they are. Compared to people that sleep 7-8 hours per night, the study shows that people who only sleep 6 hours a night are 19% less productive, and those who sleep less than 5 hours are 30% less productive!

Lack of sleep makes any task that requires multiple steps, focus, problem-solving, and deep thinking much harder. The study shows that the effects on your brain from only sleeping 6 hours is like having a couple of beers. Only sleeping 4 hours is like having 5 beers! Your brain and body need a chance to rest and refresh. As we have discussed many times in the past, there is difference between busy and being effective. How many hours you work is not nearly as important as how much work you get done. We want to focus on being effective and on results. Take care of your body, take care of your mind, and focus on being effective.

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