Would you continue to go see a doctor that gives out prescriptions before diagnosing the problem? Probably not! Seeking first to understand before wanting to be understood is along the same lines. It is a critical trait for all professionals. How can we meet our client’s needs without first understanding what they are? Are we selling products or are we selling solutions?

As a consumer or patient, etc. if we don’t have confidence in the diagnosis, we won’t have confidence in the solution. If Dan spent every conversation with a prospective client rattling off what HE thinks is great about Quickbooks Online for example before finding out what the client’s needs are chances are he won’t actually be pitching something they are interested in. Instead of selling a solution to their problems, he would simply be selling a product. Without emphatic listening and true understanding of the client there will be no way to know how to meet their needs, and if there is even a good fit or possibility of serving them properly.

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