Today is the day! The Blueprint for Curing Contractor Business Headaches seminar is happening today at 12pm and it is going to be great! Dan is a contractor, and speaks with tons of contractors so he knows a thing or two about the headaches we all deal with. Time to share some insights on how to work on your business and limit those problems going forward. Dan also shares a fantastic story about LEGO that shows once again why they have such a high customer satisfaction and loyalty rating. They do things right!

Just about everyone has built with LEGO at some point in their lives. Just about everyone has also lost some LEGO pieces at some point in their lives. It happens. LEGO receives almost 4 million phone calls per year from customers, and over a third of them have to do with missing pieces. Most of the time it is the company’s fault (missing from package, etc.) but occasionally it is not. Regardless of who is at fault, guess what they do? They take care of it! LEGO does not focus on the problem, they focus on the solution, and the goal is to delight the customer.

Their customer service interactions are based around something they call “freaky”. Freaky stands for FRKE, which is short for fun, reliable, knowledgable, and engaging. That is what they train and want all of their customer service representatives to be. Their staff is empowered to go above and beyond to exceed their customer’s expectations. It is why they have of the highest customer satisfaction and loyalty ratings of any country in the world. Do right by your customers and it will pay off.

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