When someone is speaking do you listen? REALLY listen? Unfortunately, many of us do not and that is a problem. Today we discuss the concept of Emphatic Listening. It involves not listening with the intent to merely reply, but to truly understand what the person is feeling and dealing with. Most people listen with the intent to reply, we are either speaking or preparing to speak. It undercuts our ability to understand and actually address whatever the issue is.

According to Stephen there are 4 levels of speaking:

Ignoring – not listening at all

Pretending – “Yeah. Uh-huh. Right”

Selective – Only picking out parts of the conversation

Attentive – Truly focused on listening to each word, but again mostly for the purpose of being able to respond.

Emphatic Listening takes it to the next level. We are only seeking to understand. To truly put ourselves in their shoes and see the world through their point of view. In addition to helping create better communication, emphatic listening will also help cultivate amazing bonds of trust because that person will know how much you value them because you are seeking to understand them.

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