Today we wrap up our mini deep dive into Habit 6 – Synergize. One of the keys to attaining synergy is to understand there is not always a right way and a wrong way. Two people can disagree and both can be right. Recognizing that, and then communicating to understand the differences and working together to find a better alternative is the key of synergy. There is almost always a third alternative, and when working in a Win/Win philosophy and really seeking to understand, we can usually find a solution that will be better for everyone involved.

To find 3rd alternatives, you have to first believe they exist. You have to set aside your ego and acknowledge that you need the collective intelligence of everyone involved to find the best solution. Life is a team sport. This won’t work all of the time, but it will most of the time. If you think synergy is corny or unrealistic and that it is either your way or my way then you will never achieve synergistic results.

Synergy doesn’t just happen. You have to get there. If you are not sure where to start, Sean Covey offers this simple five-step process:

1. Define the problem or opportunity

2. Their way (seek first to understand the ideas of others)

3. My way (seek to be understood by sharing your ideas)

4. Brianstorm (create new options and ideas)

5. High way (find the best solution)

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