Why is Dan thinking about Goldilocks? Give a listen and find out. Hint – he did not have porridge for breakfast this morning. Let’s lay the foundation for another great week by starting off talking about setting good goals. Check out the website for more content www.bcbousa.com

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Hello and welcome to BCBO Daily. It is Monday May 17th and I am your host Dan Murch. Back for another fun-filled week filled with motivation and positivity and hopefully some good nuggets of information for you guys to take with you throughout your day. Let’s start the week off by talking about the weekend. I hope everybody had an awesome weekend. I did it, was gorgeous weather as the forecast said that it would be, which was nice. I got to go down to my favorite beer and taco place again. Got to spend some time outside, just a lot of relaxing. I haven’t been doing anything all that great and exciting on the weekends, just kind of taking the opportunity to recharge and get myself right and it’s been nice. Friday was a great day also. Some really exciting things happened, I can tell you that we are adding to the BCBO family. We have hired a new employee that will be coming on within the next couple weeks. Really excited about that, really excited for what it means for the future of our company and kind of how we’re going to move forward. So overall a really good Friday, wrapped up the week strong with a lot of stuff done, had a great weekend and now we’re back up for Monday to get started and get going.

As we do every Monday, let’s make sure we’re starting the week off organized. We have everything that we need to get done prioritized and we’re ready to jump into our emails and all the stuff that built up over the weekend. I know everybody’s going to have a lot on their plates but we’re going to get through it, it’s going to be fine. I want to talk about something that I brought up on Friday which was managing expectations and goal-setting and how they all tie into each other and how they tie into being successful or setting us up for failure. I sometimes say things and then I don’t want people to think I’m just pulling this out of thin air. I do a lot of research, I do a lot of reading, and I want to back up what I said about the goal setting on Friday with some information that I’ve learned over time and refreshed myself with over the weekend.

In the book that I’m reading Clear Habits about goal setting there’s a pretty big section that all ties into creating good habits and setting good goals and how to go about doing it and putting yourself in a position to be successful. One of those things is when I talked about on Friday not making the goal so simple that it’s just easy to complete and there’s no challenge involved whatsoever. At the same time you don’t want to make it too hard where there’s no way you’re going to complete it. You haven’t built up to it. You haven’t taken the proper steps to get there. So, I want to talk a little bit about science for lack of a better word. We as humans, we want to try to experience peak motivation is what they call it. 

One of the things that they talk about is the Goldilocks rule. Everybody remembers that story right about the porridge – too cold, too hot, just right. The same ideas with your motivation and what you’re trying to accomplish. You want to set a goal that is right in that peak zone, that Goldilocks zone where it’s not too boring, not too easy to accomplish, but it’s also not so hard that you can’t do it and now you just completely quit on it. They use a couple different examples and the one that I thought was kind of great goes something like this. You know I love playing baseball. I love going to the batting cages and hitting balls and everything else. Say I decided I was going to have my 8 year old nephew throw batting practice to me, and I was just crushing the ball just every pitch. He’s just lobbing them up there and I’m crushing it out of the park. I’m just hitting singles and doubles and hitting them as far as I could every swing. After a while it’s going to get kind of boring right? There’s not much challenge anymore. But if I got to the batter’s box and Gerrit Cole is on the mound and he’s blowing 99 mile an hour fastballs by me and bending my knees with curve balls and I can’t even get close to even making contact with a single pitch that’s going to bet boring = too because there’s no success. I’m just failing over and over again. 

Again, you want to try to find that sweet spot of what you actually can do and then keep building up over time. For your business, saying I’m going to sit down and grab my phone, I’m going to call 100 people, and I’m going to get 50 appointments. It’s not really realistic. It’s not a realistic goal. You’re setting yourself up to be disappointed and burnt out and then the next day you’re going to quit before you even start because you are just going to say “Well, that didn’t work. Why bother.” You also don’t want to set a goal of making one phone call a day and that is where it stays forever. Yes, one is better than zero, but if you just kept making one phone call everyday you are no longer challenging yourself. Instead try setting a goal of making 10 phone calls, then next week make it 15 phone calls and keep building on it. The appointments and sales will follow. That’s what I wanted to hammer home today.

I don’t really have a theme for this week. Some weeks I do, but I’m just going to kind of see how everything goes and what pops into my head for the week. This topic carried over from Friday and through the weekend. I was thinking about it and doing some more reading on it, going back to some stuff that I had to read and was refreshing myself on it so I just wanted to share it. This is something really really smart people have dedicated hours and hours and hours of their lives doing research on and I’m passing along little nuggets of it to you. So, let’s set goals that are realistic. Let’s put ourselves and our company’s in a position to be successful. I consider that my entire job both at Blue Collar and the construction company. I put the people around me in positions to be successful. I’m just shuffling information. Information comes into me and I’m passing it out to the people that need to have it. That is one of my main functions and that’s what I do and I really like doing it. 

That’s it for today’s podcast. It’s Monday, let’s start the week off strong. Let’s go out and pay the rent on our success. Let’s keep asking ourselves that question – how would the person I want to be handle the thing I am about to do? Keep putting ourselves in that forward thinking mindset. Keep pulling ourselves forward towards our goals. Let’s remember that things are not going to go as planned today. There are going to be hiccups. There are going to be issues. It’s going to be ok. We are going to figure it out. At the end of the day as we go over everything that happened let’s make adjustments where necessary, but let’s make sure we are seeking out and celebrating our successes. We are working hard. We are good people. We deserve to be happy. Let’s limit the negative self-talk, and be kind to ourselves. Seek out the successes in your day and celebrate them because you deserve it.

Lastly, as always, go check out the website for more content . That’s where you can get all the good good. That’s it guys. Go out and have a great day and we’ll be back tomorrow. Thank you for your time. Have a great day. Bye