We are back for another fun filled Tuesday. Today we recap a busy Monday, and touch on a key component of running a successful business. A little extra work up front can really pay off down the road. Give a listen and find out how. Check out the website for more content www.bcbousa.com

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Full Recap:

In today’s episode we recap a very busy Monday, and how Dan is sick of the sound of his own voice at this point. Training takes a lot of talking and a lot of training happened on Monday. Carolyn’s first day was chock full of activities and there was plenty to be accomplished. Dan also touched on the importance of separating your work life and your personal life, and giving yourself the opportunity to recharge and relax when the work day is done.

Today’s main topic touches again on the importance of being organized and structured. As Dan has said many times in the past, nothing that he does on a daily basis is rocket science. It’s not hard, but there is a lot of information and it all needs to be organized and passed along to the people in the field who need it to complete their jobs. Carolyn asked a lot of questions on Monday about why we do certain things the way we do. What is the purpose of it? Asking questions is extremely important. It is important to know the why behind the work you do, not just go about it like a robot completing tasks. Knowing the why can help you be more successful, and more committed to the tasks and lead to more overall success.

Structure and organization up front can save a lot of time and headaches down the road. A well organized online filing system can lead to you being able to locate a bill, invoice, receipt, etc. in seconds or minutes instead of hours. It can also make you look more professional and reliable to your customers when you are able to respond quickly to requests, and create an overall more efficient office environment. Nothing is more frustrating than spending 30 minutes trying to find a piece of information when 10 seconds of work up could have cut that time searching down to 1 minute later. The organization and work up front will pay dividends in the end. Lay the foundation now for success later.