Hiring and bringing on new employees seems to be the theme of the week. Today we go over a great article shared by Gina with some tips for finding great candidates for your business. Also cover a few no-no’s you want to make sure you avoid. Give it a listen! Everyone say thank you to Gina for sharing! Check out the website for more content www.bcbousa.com

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Full Recap:

Today’s podcast topic is once again provided by Gina. She’s always on the lookout for good information to pass along, and since the theme of this week seems to be hiring new employees, the episode covers some good tips for finding and hiring the right people. 

1st – Make sure your job post is descriptive and includes all the characteristics, skills, etc. that you are looking for. At the same time, understand that if you list 10 skills, the chances of you finding someone that checks off every single box is limited. Are there other ways to fit those needs? Do you have on the job training available? Is there other past experience that someone may have to supplement a bachelor’s degree?

2nd – Be competitive. Depending on the health of your company and industry, offering a high salary and direct compensation may not be possible. What are some indirect benefits you can offer? Paid time off? Health Insurance? Flexible work schedule? Be creative and competitive.

3rd – Expand your search. If the traditional job posting websites are not bringing in the type of applicants you are looking for, then get creative. Some ideas:

  • Employee referrals – offer a bonus. You hopefully have a good relationship with your employees and are happy with their work, etc. See if they know anyone.
  • School and community job boards
  • Previous applicants 
  • Rehires

4th – Use the right language in your posting. Remember, the idea is to hire the best person for the job. Use language that is inclusive and invites everyone to apply. Do not use terms that could be considered discriminatory in terms of age, race, religion, disabilities, etc. 

Lastly – Highlight the safety measures that your company has in place. This is especially important in today’s Covid-19 world.Link to article: ADP HR Tip