May the 4th be with you! Happy Tuesday everyone. Today we talk about taking the time to focus on big picture goals and working towards your vision. It not only helps you down the road, it can help you today! Check out the website for more content

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Hello, and welcome to BCBO daily. It is Tuesday, May 4th, and I am your host, Dan Murch to all my Star Wars fans out there – May the fourth be with you! I’m a huge Star Wars fan. So, I wanted to get that out of the way. So yesterday was awesome. A really great Monday, really great start to the week. but before we even get into that, I can’t believe I was so excited to talk about boredom and getting nachos and tacos and beer over the weekend I forgot to talk about the Yankees. 

They had a great weekend. I mean, I know the tigers are terrible team, but a sweep is a sweep. And more importantly to me is the pitching staff looked awesome. The starting pitching, since they made the change on a more daily basis from Sanchez behind the plate to having Higi behind the plate, it’s just been night and day with the pitching staff.

So maybe they’re just more comfortable pitching to him. Maybe he does a better job framing the strike zone, who knows. Maybe it’s all just a coincidence, but pitching staff looked great. Kluber. Eight scoreless 10 strikeouts on Sunday. Just an absolutely great outing. So yes, as you can tell, they are slowly sucking me back in, but I’m going to try my best to stay realistic about it, for lack of a better word.

So yesterday was awesome. Really busy jam packed, had a ton of stuff to get through because of being the first working day of the month. It being a Monday, all that kind of good stuff. So yesterday we talked about boredom and we also talked a little bit about having your eye on the prize, the big picture.

And that’s what I want to dive into a little bit deeper today, because as I said in yesterday’s podcast, I had a meeting lined up yesterday afternoon, a zoom meeting that was definitely of the big picture variety. And it was awesome. It was really exciting. It’s something that might not pay off for three months, six months, who knows, but a really good conversation with another software company that’s based out of Canada. They’re doing some really cool, exciting stuff. There’s an opportunity there for maybe some partnerships down the road to help expand our client base and help them service their existing client base.

I don’t want to get too far down the road with sharing some of the details on it, but it was really an exciting conversation and I have some more zoom meetings set up for later this week to kind of continue on that process. So why am I bringing that up? What does that have to do with anything that you guys are going to get from it today?

Besides talking about how great my day was, sometimes the day-to-day grind can be really overwhelming and there was a lot going on yesterday. I handled a lot of stuff. The amount of material orders I placed alone, was insane. But having that meeting, just taking a 25-minute meeting. That’s it. That’s all. That’s all it took out of my day. It was 25 minutes, but it energized me like just taking that break from the grind and taking 25 minutes and focusing on something that didn’t put any money in my pocket yesterday, didn’t add to the company’s bottom line. Didn’t even put a new client in our ranks or anything like that. It’s just something that’s working towards a future working towards our vision. It energized me for the entire rest of the day. Didn’t get that little afternoon slump. Didn’t hit that wall. Didn’t need that extra cup of coffee.

I felt so great and so energized by that meeting and what it can mean for our future, that it carried me through the entire rest of the day. So that is just one example of what setting aside some time to do big picture work can really do for you. It can help you in your day to day. 

It’s really easy to let the grind get to you, the negative talk to set in, get frustrated by what’s going on in your day and all the emails that came in that you weren’t expecting and phone calls that you weren’t expecting and all of those things. But if you set aside just 20 minutes of a day, it doesn’t even have to be every day. I don’t get to do it every day. I wish I did, but I don’t. But if a couple of times a week, you set aside 20 to 30 minutes to just put some effort into some of the big picture things that you’re working on. Some, some of the future vision and goals that you’ve set for yourself and just kind of starting to lay that groundwork of moving forward and moving towards it.

It has huge results in your future and has huge results in your present. So that is kind of what I wanted to just touch on today. Making sure that we’re being present in our present, but also be present in our future because it does pay off now and tomorrow.

So that’s it. That’s all I really wanted to go over today. Got another exciting jam-packed Tuesday ahead of me. It’s going to be that way for the foreseeable future with just how busy we are on both the construction and the blue collar side. And that’s great. We’re very fortunate, very blessed to be busy as we are, and I’m going to look at it that way. I get to go to work today. I get to send out all these material orders and schedule all these jobs and everything else like that. There are plenty of people that wish they were in the position that we are, and we don’t take it for granted. I hope everybody listening to this, they’re not taking whatever position they are for granted either and being positive about whatever their outlook is.

So, it’s Tuesday. Let’s go out there. Let’s pay the rent on our success. Let’s jump in with both feet. Let’s get grinding. Let’s put forth our best effort. We’ll put some good out into the world. I promise you; you will get good back. 

Let’s keep asking ourselves that question. How would the person I want to be handle the thing I’m about to do? Keep putting ourselves in that forward thinking mindset. Keep pulling ourselves forward towards our vision and our goals and keep setting ourselves up for success down the road. 

Yesterday it happened. Happened to on Friday happened every day that I do this podcast. Things don’t always go as planned, just doesn’t happen, but we’re going to figure it out. It’s all going to be okay. So, as we go throughout the day, let’s remind ourselves to be good to ourselves, be kind to ourselves, let’s limit the negative self-talk and at the end of the day, let’s take some time to kind of review everything that happened. Make adjustments where we need to, but let’s celebrate our successes.

Let’s appreciate the good things that happened. You guys are working hard, you deserve good things in your life. You deserve to be happy and we’re here to support you. So always remember that as well. 

Lastly, as always go check out the website, That’s where you can get all the good good. And we’ll be back tomorrow.

This one’s a little bit short and sweet, but to be honest with you yesterday I was so jam packed and so busy with so many things that I didn’t have time to come up with a nugget to talk about. Besides, I was just so excited about the opportunity and meeting that I had and the big picture work that I did. That’s what I wanted to talk about.

And obviously the Yankees. So, let’s go out there guys. Let’s have a great Tuesday and we’ll be back tomorrow. Have a great day. Thanks, bye.