Bring on Friday! Are you reaching your potential everyday? Is your company reaching its potential? Is there a difference between success and reaching your potential? That’s the rant for today as we wrap up up the week, and like we always do let’s set ourselves up to be successful next week. Check out the website for more content

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Hello and welcome to BCBO daily. It is Friday May 7th, and I am your host, Dan Murch. Yes, we’ve made it to the end of the week. It is Friday. It has been a doozy of a week. So yesterday, Thursday, again, just like anticipated it was a crazy day, but really rewarding, really satisfying. Again, got a ton of stuff done, got to spend some time focusing on some big picture items, got to spend a lot of time going over finances and kind of setting ourselves up for next week. So really rewarding day. 

As we do every Friday, let’s recap everything that’s gone on throughout the week and set ourselves up for success going into next week. So just like I say, every Friday, let’s make sure we’re doing that. Let’s make sure we’re taking sometime today to go over our calendars, go over our reminders list, make sure we’ve tackled everything this week that we wanted to tackle.

Make sure we have prioritized what needs to be done for next week and just put ourselves in a really good position heading into the weekend so that we can enjoy our times with our family. And this weekend is a special weekend for a lot of people happy Mother’s Day to anybody who’s listening that is a mom. I hope everybody has a great weekend and gets to celebrate some time with their family and go have a great weekend and then be ready to jump into it next Monday with both feet and kind of just really tackle everything. I’ve got a great weekend planned for Mother’s Day, and I’m doing a little baking. I’m supplying a cake as part of the celebration. So that’s kind of what I got in store. 

As we move into Friday, I’m getting to spend some time working on big picture things. I have a zoom meeting set up that as I discussed earlier in the week, some potential for some partnerships down the road, expand our client base and help our existing client base.

Talking about big picture stuff ended up being the theme of the week, which isn’t really what I intended, but it’s just been on my brain so much this week. And as I always say, I try to keep this as conversational and just kind of whatever’s floating around in my head. That’s what I want to put out for you guys. So, a big picture just ended up being the topic this week, and I think it’s important because again, like I’ve said, it’s easy to get lost in the day to day, it’s hard to stay focused and remember to work on the big picture stuff. But it’s really important as we do discuss throughout this entire week, we also discussed, you know, being good to ourselves, being kind to ourselves and having that positive attitude. I listened to another talk yesterday about how positive thoughts and putting yourself in the right frame of mind, setting yourself up for success. So, that’s something that I’m always going to be hitting on every once in a while.

I end every podcast with it, but it’s going to be a topic that comes up because it’s really important. The frame of mind that you put yourself into can lead to whether you succeed or you fail. 

Athletes are something that I use as an example all the time. It’s something I touch on it occasionally, but the idea of being successful versus reaching your potential, and it’s something that I keep wanting to blow out and make a bigger podcast or write something about it, but I’m having a hard time just getting it all together. So in a nutshell, you know, again, it’s easy to be successful.

I shouldn’t say that; it’s not easy to be successful, but you can be successful without reaching your potential. So again, you run a company and you’re making money. You’re turning a profit, you’re paying your bills. You’re taking home a salary thing, you are, quote unquote, you’re a successful company, but are you really reaching your potential?

Are you maximizing what your company can be? Are you maximizing your net profit and your net profit percentages? Are you maximizing what the customer satisfaction levels are? You want to make sure as a company, you are striving to reach your potential as a company and as an individual, you want to do the same thing.

So again, with a professional athlete, what I think of is you hear about the term being a bust, right? So, like a number one draft pick, whether it’s NFL, MLB, NBA, doesn’t matter.  They get drafted into the league and two years later, they burn out and, they’re out of the league. You never hear from them again.

So you’re like, Oh, that person’s a bust. What a terrible player or whatever, people come down on them. To even reach the point of being drafted into a professional sports league, you are the creme de LA creme. You are like, it’s not even the top 1%. It’s the top 0.01% of athletes. You can’t be drafted into the NBA or into the NFL, unless you are amazing. You’ve shown so much talent and skill leading up to that point to have a team want to invest in you and pay you to play for them. They got a contract, they got paid to do the thing that they love. They are successful.  There’s no doubt about it. They’re a success. Now, did they reach their potential?

Now there’s a bunch of different factors that go into it, whether it could be because injury or just bad decisions. These are young guys and girls. Who knows why they didn’t kind of turn out the way everybody expected them to, but that’s really the difference, right? They’re still successful. They still made money doing the thing that they love. They just didn’t reach their potential, or they didn’t reach the potential that other people had set for them. Maybe in their mind they reached their potential. They know I gave it everything I got. This was the most my body and my mind had to give towards this game. Maybe injury brought them down or whatever the case may be, but to the outside world, It’s the idea that they didn’t reach their potential. So, they’re considered a failure, but they’re really not. They did have success, just not what everybody thought it was going to be. 

So, in our personal lives and in our business, we want to make sure we’re striving to reach our potential on a daily basis, weekly basis, yearly basis to really get the most that we can out of anything. I think at the end of the day, when I can look back on the day and I can say I accomplished everything that I could today. I know I didn’t procrastinate. I didn’t put something off until tomorrow that I could have done today. I didn’t blow off making a phone call. I didn’t blow off sending back an email or putting together a proposal or reaching out to a client that I had a successful day. That I reached my potential for today. Then that’s truly a success, right? Things probably didn’t always go right, and we talk about that every day. Right? There are always days that things don’t go right. Just problem after problem after problem, but if I’ve done everything I could that day to put myself in a position to succeed, then I reached my potential and that’s what I’m striving for every day. So again, in the future I want to dive into that a little bit deeper and talk some more about it.

It’s a different, a little bit of a different mindset. Again, it’s about setting bigger picture, vision and goals than just saying I want to accomplish X, Y, and Z. If you’re just kind of striving to be the best you can every day or whatever task you’re doing you’re constantly moving the goalposts, but you’re pushing yourself forward, which is what I’m always trying to do.

A great antidote that I heard once was when somebody was interviewing Muhammad Ali or watching him work out back in the day and he was doing pushups and he’s doing crunches and somebody asked him, how many crunches do you do in a day? And he said I don’t know. They said, what do you mean? How can you not know how many crunches you do every day? He said, I just do them until I can’t do them anymore. He did them until his body would not allow him to do anymore. So, every time he did crunches, he pushed himself to his absolute limit and reached the potential for what he could handle. So, something like that, it sounds again silly, but you know, Muhammad Ali is somebody to take some advice for him. He’s he’d had a pretty successful life, pretty successful career. It’s that kind of idea, that kind of energy you want to bring into today and bring into every day. So that’s my rant for a Friday. I’m really excited to handle the things that are on my plate for today. Really excited to wrap up the week and head into the weekend. 

So, let’s do it people it’s Friday, let’s go out there. Let’s pay the rent on our success. Let’s end the week on a high note, let’s keep asking ourselves that question. How would the person I want to be handle the thing about the do? Let’s keep pulling ourselves forward into that forward thinking mindset towards our vision, towards our goals.

And let’s remember that today everything’s not going to go as planned. There’s going to be issues. There’s going to be problems, but it’s going to be okay. We’re going to figure it out. We’re going to be kind to ourselves. We’re going to try to limit the negative self-talk. And at the end of the day, we’re going to look back, make adjustments where we need to, but we’re going to seek and celebrate our successes. We’re going to acknowledge the things that went right. And we’re going to be good to ourselves. We’re working hard. We deserve good things. We deserve to be happy. And we here at blue collar here to support you with that. 

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And that’s it guys. It’s Friday. Let’s go put some good out into the world. We’re going to get some good back. Let’s end the week on a high note and go have an awesome weekend. We’ll talk to you on Monday. Thank you for your time. Bye.