Every single person who works for our company plays a role in our success. We all have tasks that are more tedious than others and skills that benefit the company. It’s important to remember the role that you and others play in making the magic happen. Give a listen and find out more. Check out the website for more content www.bcbousa.com

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Full Recap:

Even the most tedious tasks play a role in the success of a company. In today’s episode Dan recaps his Wednesday and then dives into an interesting conversation he had with one of the employees on the construction side of the business. It was a friendly and joking conversation, but it touched on an important topic that affects all companies.

It is easy as an employee to either feel like you are the most important person working there and the place would crumble without you or to feel like you play no role at all in the success of the company. Neither of those things are likely true. Everyone plays their role and contributes. A construction company can’t be successful without the people working in the field installing cabinets, etc. Nor can it be successful without someone in the office creating estimates, paying bills, etc. One role or one person does not necessarily mean more to the company than the other. They are all required, and based on your experience and skills, how you fit into the workflow does not make you better than someone else in a different position or diminish you in any way.

As the owner of a company it is important to communicate with your employees what role they play, and why even the most mundane tasks make a difference. It is your responsibility as a leader to effectively communicate what is expected of each employee and why it is important. No one wants to feel like their jobs don’t matter, but every task must be done and some are more fun and flashy than others.