TGIF! What a week it has been. Dan’s brain has turned to Jello so today’s episode is a mish mash of different topics and reminders to make sure we are putting ourselves in the best position to be successful. Check out the website for more content

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Today’s episode is a jumble of all the things going on inside Dan’s brain after a grueling week. It was a long week, and despite all of his best efforts it did get overwhelming at times as expected. That doesn’t mean there weren’t successes though! Lot’s of things got accomplished and the progress on the training of Carolyn has been a bright spot in a busy week. There is a lot to look forward to as we move forward.

As we do every Friday, let’s make sure we are taking the time to go over our calendars, reminders, etc. to make sure we have tackled everything that we needed to this week and we are setting ourselves up for future success next week. Let’s also remember that there are different ways to go about doing things to get the same results. The way that Dan organizes his task list/reminders does not work for Carolyn. She prefers to organize it in a different way. Is that ok? OF COURSE IT IS! We all don’t think or act or respond the same way, and it is important to not get bogged down in micromanaging how someone completes a task or reaches their goals, but focus on actually achieving them. 

Lastly, let’s remember to find some joy, peace, and bliss in our days. Let’s not always say “Once this happens, I will be happy or find peace or feel bliss”. Let’s start feeling that way now even if we have to play a little mind trick on ourselves a few minutes a day to get there. Always telling yourself that “Once this happens..” before feeling the positive results in it will lead to more stress and tension in your life then you need to have. Seek out the positive now and let your brain map the way towards the goal. Our brains are amazing and powerful, let’s use them!