Another Monday! Another week we GET to go to work. We GET to work on our goals. Let’s recap the weekend, jumpstart our week, and have a little history lesson. Today is Flag Day. Do you know why it’s today and some of the history of the holiday? Give a listen and find out. Check out the website for more content

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Another Monday is upon us. It is another opportunity to work on our businesses and work on our personal growth. We GET to go to work today. We GET to work on our goals and vision. Let’s start the week off with a positive attitude so we can handle whatever bumps and headaches are coming our way. 

Today’s podcast turns into a bit of a history lesson. Today is Flag Day and since Dan enjoys history so much he decided to share some tidbits with the audience. When the revolutionary war first broke out in 1775, everyone was fighting under separate flags. At the Second Continental Congress in June of 1775 they formed the Continental Army to create one united army to oppose the British forces and that is when they created what is essentially the first American Flag, the Continental Colors.

The original flag consisted of the 13 alternating stripes that we all know, but it had a Union Jack in the corner and looked similar to the British flag according to George Washington. He didn’t think it was a great confidence booster. On June 14th 1777, the Second Continental Congress passed a resolution that created what we all know today as the 1st American Flag. 

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