The world is opening back up and people are heading back into the office. Is everyone happy about that? Apparently not. Today we cover an article regarding the pushback Apple is getting from some of their employees and the transition back to a “normal” work environment. Plus Dan rants about the Yankees again. Check out the website for more content

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Today’s episode starts off by stating the obvious – the Yankees are a mediocre team. Their offense is terrible, and the recent string of games against division rivals has put Dan in a sour mood about the team. He’s out on them (again). Until they pull him back in later in the season of course.

The main topic for today’s episode is the transition back into the office as the world opens back up. Dan read an interesting article about what is happening at Apple right now after they announced last week that starting in the fall all employees are expected to come back to the office at least 3 days a week. A group of employees have written and submitted a letter detailing why they do not feel this appropriate or best for them or the company. 

Working from home definitely has its pros and cons for both the employees and the company. There are issues of productivity, overhead, overall employee morale and well-being to take into consideration. What is the best solution? Dan doesn’t know, but shares some of his personal experiences as someone who has been in both situations. 
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