Another Monday! More opportunities! More daylight! The summer season is upon us and with that we get more daylight and positive vibes. Today we also recap a Friday that had a breakthrough in our office for how we create estimates. Check out the website for more content

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We are rolling into another week of opportunities and another week we GET to go to work! A quick recap of the weekend starts us off today before we get to two quick topics.

Sunday marked the official start of summer and the longest day of the year. As Dan has discussed many times in the past, the weather plays a big role in his mood and motivation. Longer days and more sunlight means more energy and creativity for Dan. Nothing is worse than driving to and from work in the darkness and spending all of the daylight hours at the office. Bring on the summer and bring on the sunshine!

Dan also recaps a change made in the office on Friday that should pay big dividends going forward. He has been using the same template for construction estimates for years and while it was fine, it could be better. On Friday, Carolyn and Dan (mostly Carolyn) spent the time doing the tedious task of creating a brand new template. As discussed many times in the past, don’t get so stuck in your ways of doing things that you miss out on the opportunity to make something better. A little bit of hard work up front can make your life immensely easier down the road and pay off in big ways for your company.