Is it important that you like the people you work with? YES! The topic of transitioning back into the office keeps coming up, and today we discuss the bonds that people working together can build. Life long friendships can be developed at work, and short of that just enjoying the people you spend so much time with plays a big role in your overall happiness. Check out the website for more content

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The topic of transitioning back into the office keeps coming up. Dan had a conversation with someone over the weekend who is being forced to go back into the office in mid July and he is not thrilled about it. Several people at the company have already quit over the issue, and it is something that keeps coming up in the news on an everyday basis. There may not be a clear answer that covers every company and every employee but today we touch again on some of the pros and cons.

Several employees have stated that they feel more productive and creative when working remotely. They have stressed the positive impacts it has had on the overall mental health and well being. From a personal standpoint Dan can attest that having to commute to the office after not having to for over a year has definitely been an adjustment and not one he particularly enjoys. On the other hand, being in the office around his co-workers is a positive and the bond and friendships you can build can have long lasting effects on your overall happiness.

We don’t get to choose who we work with. We are just thrown together with different people and different personalities. Sometimes it can lead to great friendships and work environments. Other times it could lead to someone hating their job. Dan has developed life long friendships based on people he met at work and could not imagine his life without these people. 

This topic is not going away anytime soon. It will continue to come up again and again as the world continues to open back from Covid restrictions. How companies and employees respond and react will have lasting effects on how we do business and the impacts it will have on society as a whole.