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Full Recap:

It’s Wannabe Wednesday. What is that exactly? Well, it’s simple – what do you wanna be and how can we help you get there? In each of these episodes we will cover goal setting strategies or skills that will help you achieve those goals. In this episode we cover some soft skills required to advance in your career or grow your business. 

What is a soft skill exactly? Soft skills are a combination of people skills, social skills, communication skills, emotional intelligence, etc. that help you get along with other people and work well in a team. They are not as straightforward as a hard skill. A hard skill is something you need to know in order to complete your task, and can usually be quantified, taught, and measured. Soft skills are a little more ambiguous and while not as definitive as becoming a faster typer (hard skill) it is something that you can get better at through practice and hard work. Soft skills may not help you land a job, but they will certainly help you keep a job, advance in a job, and as a business owner grow your business.

In today’s episode we cover two soft skills that can help you as you moved forward in your career or business:

  1. Emotional Intelligence – your ability to recognize and manage your emotions. This breaks down into sub categories such as your ability to be self-aware and self-regulate your emotions. Can you give and receive constructive feedback? Are you able to build good relationships with those you work with and your clients? Are you able to empathize with others?
  2. Team Player Attitude – no person is an island. We all have to work together and since we were small children fighting over toys in Kindergarten the ability to play and work well with others has always been important. A positive attitude is essential to teamwork and nobody wants to be labeled as the person no one else in the office wants to work with.