Back in NJ! Back in the office! Back to complete and utter chaos! That’s right! Dan has a TON on his plate today, and he knows it is going to be overwhelming at times. How is going to handle it? By utilizing all the stuff he’s constantly talking about in these podcasts of course! Give a listen and find out. Check out the website for more content

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Full Recap:

Dan is back in NJ! After recapping the trip and whirlwind weekend it is time to jump into a busy day. By busy, he means overwhelmingly busy. There were tons of emails that came through since Thursday afternoon that are all piling up and waiting for him this morning. Plus all the normal Monday routines. PLUS some training…

So how is he going to get through all of it? By applying all of his organizational and structural know how of course! Also, remembering that is going to get overwhelming, but that not everything needs to be done today. Not every single email is a priority for today. It is important to take time to actually prioritize your day and develop a plan of action that allows you to get done the things that actually need to be done today while scheduling the remainder of the work accordingly.

What to do when you get overwhelmed? I’m sure that lots of people can give different opinions and suggestions, but for Dan physically stepping back from the computer helps. Physically and mentally remove yourself from the overwhelming atmosphere and take a deep breath. Remind yourself that you are going to figure it out. You have more time than you realize, and things are going to be ok. Then jump back into it with a reset mind frame. Repeat as necessary.