Do you want to succeed as much as you want to breath? Is that even a question you should be asking yourself? Today we recap a hectic Monday and then focus a little time talking about being committed to your goals and the possibility of being TOO committed. Give it a listen. Check out the website for more content

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Is being successful more important than EVERYTHING else in your life? More important than eating? Sleeping? Just as important as breathing? If you said yes then Dan disagrees with you, and it all comes down to what success as a whole means.

In today’s podcast Dan recaps a speech he heard someone give in which they said you need to want to be successful so badly that you skip sleep and forget to eat amongst other things. As discussed in many prior episodes, being 100% committed to your goals and vision is extremely important, but at the expense of one’s health takes it a little too far in his opinion. Being committed to not only the end result of what you are working towards, but the process of getting there is extremely important. Being realistic about potential obstacles that will come your way, and understanding that it won’t be a smooth straight upward climb is important. 

Having a realistic understanding of the work it will take to achieve your goals will help you succeed in the long term. Success isn’t only landing new clients. Success is also being able to celebrate achieving your goals with friends and family because you are living a complete and healthy life. Success is also being good to yourself and your body with a proper diet, exercise, and sleep. If you land every single client you set out to land, but your health is deteriorating because you don’t sleep and barely eat and you have no one to share it with, have you really succeeded? Professional success and personal success don’t have to be one or the other. You can have both, and it is important to keep that perspective.