Another Monday is upon us. Another Monday we GET to go to work. We GET to work on our vision and our goals. Today we talk about the benefits of being organized and how time management plays a big role in your overall well being and success. Ever get sucked down a rabbit hole working on something that wasn’t all that important and looked up at the clock and 2 hours had flown by? That’s time management! Give a listen and get more focused. Check out the website for more content

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Let’s start the week off with a little motivation and a little organization. We GET to go to work today. We GET to work on our vision and goals. That subtle change of just one word has a big impact on your outlook for the day. 

Being organized doesn’t just mean having a nice clean looking desk. It also has an impact on your productivity and performance. Organization can lead to a clearer mind, which in turn leads to better stress management, resilience, and overall well-being. Good organization also can lead to better decision making, problem solving, and allow you to spend more time focused and “locked in” on what you are working on.

Part of being organized is having good time management. Spending time at the beginning of each day to prioritize and schedule your day can lead to immediate success. We have all been down the road of getting sucked into working on something that truly isn’t that important and next thing you know 2 hours have disappeared. When that happens you are creating stress in your work day, and not properly managing your time. 

Start off by prioritizing your task list. What items need to be done today? What items need to be done at some point this week? Then schedule out blocks of time to “single task” on the items. Inevitably, things are going to come up that you are not expecting to deal with, but with an organized schedule and priority list being able to slot those tasks into your day and then move back on schedule will be much easier. Take control of your day. Don’t let your day take control of you.