Happy Birthday America! Instead of sharing the usual history lesson for the holiday, today we talk about some fun facts associated with Independence Day. Want to know how many hot dogs are going to get eaten this weekend? Curious how much money people in this country spend on fireworks each year? This is the podcast for you! Check out the website for more content www.bcbousa.com

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Full Recap:

The end of the week and the beginning of a holiday weekend is upon us. Happy Birthday America! Dan works under the assumption that everyone listening knows what Independence Day is all about so instead of standard history lesson today focuses on some “fun” facts you may not know. Here are some highlights from today’s episode:

  • The official vote to declare independence from Britain actually took place on July 2nd 1776. The declaration was published in paper 2 days later thus our Independence Day of July 4th. 
  • According to the National Sausage and Hot Dog Council (NHDSC), Americans are expected to eat approximately 150 MILLION hot dogs over the holiday. Grab the mustard!
  • Only two men actually signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Charles Thompson and John Hancock. The other 54 delegates signed over the course of the next month.
  • According to the American Pyrotechnics Association, Americans spend more than $1 BILLION on fireworks each year. Fireworks also account for roughly 12,900 trips to the emergency room each year.

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