Oh Friday. How we have waited for you. We end this week’s slate of episodes with a fan question about skill development. Sometimes the opportunity to develop or learn a new skill presents itself. Make sure you seize it! Don’t let ego or being afraid to step out of your comfort zone get in the way of expanding your abilities. Check out the website for more content www.bcbousa.com

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Full Recap:

We have finally made it to Friday after a long and sometimes grueling week. It was jam packed, and filled with plenty of obstacles, but you know what? We figured it out, and a lot of good things happened that we can be thankful for. Before we cover today’s nugget, a friendly reminder to be setting yourself up for success next week by going over your calendar, reminders, priorities, etc. before ending the work day.  

For this Fan Friday we cover an email that came through after Wednesday’s episode about goal setting. It centered around identifying a skill or trait that could be developed to make you more successful. While sitting down and thinking about ways to improve is not necessarily easy, it does not have to be a negative thing. Maybe the reason you haven’t developed this skill yet is you simply did not have a reason to. This is not an exercise in self deprecation, it is about improving yourself.

Dan had the opportunity this week to do just that. In speaking with a potential client the topic of a program that he is not familiar with came up. Instead of just accepting he did not know the program, he took the opportunity to research and then take training courses associated with it. Will this pay off with this potential client? Maybe. Regardless, it was an opportunity to learn a new skill and improve his overall abilities. 

As a business owner, or any professional really, it is important to not let ego get in the way of success. Accept that you don’t know everything there is to know, and be open to learning new things. Don’t close yourself off to opportunities simply because of ego or fear of stepping outside your comfort zone. Sometimes all you are risking is your time and effort, and the pay off can far exceed the potential downfalls.