It’s Wannabe Wednesday, and today we are discussing some more soft skills to help you achieve your goals. Want to be a good teammate? Want your clients to look forward to talking to you? Things like active listening and adaptability go a long way. Check out the website for more content

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Wannabe Wednesday is here, and today we are diving into more soft skills that you can develop to help you achieve your goals and be more successful. First, we want to give a quick shout out to Kerriann who is celebrating her birthday today! Kerriann is an integral part of our success here and the perfect example of a great teammate. She makes all of us better and our company better on a daily basis. Happy birthday!

The first soft skill to discuss today is adaptability. Change is inevitable. In a constantly evolving business world the ability to adapt to change and have a positive attitude about it goes a long way. No one wants to deal with someone who complains constantly. While changing just for the sake of change isn’t a good idea, if you are someone who is known to complain at every new concept or strategy presented it is not a good formula for long term success. Instead of voicing your complaints immediately, try writing them down and evaluating why you feel a certain way about the change. Then you can identify if you have legitimate concerns that should be brought up to the team. 

The next soft skill is active listening. You can probably tell the difference between someone simply hearing the words you are saying and actively listening to what you are saying. Active listening is a good sign of respect for the other person, and can help you gain more knowledge and understanding. Being an active listener does not only make you a respectful colleague, but can also make you more effective because you are absorbing and processing more information to help you down the road. 

Lastly, it is important to have a good work ethic. Sometimes you are going to have to put in a little extra effort and time to get the job done. Sometimes learning that new skill is going to require a little extra studying or reading. Being known as someone who has a good work ethic and is willing to learn new things has huge benefits down the road. All the technical training or education in the world can’t overcome a poor work ethic when it comes to long term success. 

All of these soft skills combined with the skills discussed in previous episodes are skills that can be developed and honed over time. No one expects you to become a great active listener overnight. However, working on these skills and developing them will help you in your professional career regardless of what industry you are in. Be the colleague everyone on the team wants to work with. Be the business owner whose clients and employees look forward to interacting with. Not only will it bring you more financial success, it will also bring you more joy and personal satisfaction.