Thirsty Thursday is here and Dan has a great story to share. It is the story of an inspirational speech given by John Scolinos in January 1996. It is a story that can resonate with every single person who listens about holding ourselves to a high standard and accepting responsibility for our actions. Don’t widen the plate! Give a listen to find out more. Check out the website for more content

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It’s Thirsty Thursday and it is story time again! Today we share a story about a speech given by John Scolinos. He was a US college baseball coach, and a successful one. From 1946 to 1991, his teams, first at Pepperdine and then at Cal Poly Pomona, won over 1000 games. Captured three NCAA Division II championships. He was named Division II Coach of the Year three times, gained entry to the College Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame, and, as a member of the USA Baseball staff, won a silver medal in the 1984 Olympic Games.

In January of 1996 at a baseball convention John stepped on stage with a full size standard home plate around his neck, and proceeded to give a speech that resonates to this day. The moral of the story is that home plate is 17” wide from Little League all the way through the Majors, and as a pitcher you are expected to meet the standard of hitting the plate. It does not get widened for you, ever. How this incorporates into our culture and our life speaks to setting standards and holding yourself and others accountable. Don’t widen the plate! 
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