Thirsty Thursday is upon us! Today’s episode is all about saying Thank You. It is important to remember to give positive reinforcement to your employees and people you work with. Who wants to just be told they are doing a bad job all the time? Nobody! Without giving out the positive feedback the constructive criticism when needed will fall on deaf ears. We all like to be recognized when we are doing a good job. Check out the website for more content

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Can you smell that? It’s the sweet smell of Friday right around the corner! We are back for Thirsty Thursday and after giving out the friendly reminders regarding spending time focused on company financials each week we dive right into the importance of two little words – Thank You.

Being grateful for and recognizing a job well done by your employees or colleagues is extremely important. No one wants to only be giving constructive criticism or told they are doing a bad job. As the owner of the company it is imperative that you recognize the hard work and good performances by your employees. Simply saying thank you to someone can have a huge impact on that person’s day. It also has a huge impact on the environment in your office and your ability to be a good leader.

As the owner or manager, if you only point out to your employees mistakes they make or areas for improvement without ever giving out positive feedback, guess what is going to happen? You are going to start to be ignored. The constructive criticism you give will fall on deaf ears because people will become numb to your “complaining” all of the time. If there is an honest mix of positive and negative feedback then both will have more of an impact. Positive feedback will make your employees feel appreciated, and the negative feedback has a better chance of causing changes in the employees behavior or performance.

We all want to be told we are doing a good job and get recognized for our hard work. It is human nature. A great visual exercise to implement is to take 3 items (paper clips, coins, etc.) and place them on your desk at the start of each day. As you say thank you or give positive feedback throughout the day, remove an item. At the end of each day all 3 items should be removed. Now, the idea is to make sure we are giving out honest positive feedback whenever it is warranted, not just 3 times a day, but this exercise can help you develop a good routine of making sure it is something you implement each day.