Who’s looking forward to happy hour? Dan is! Today we discuss an interesting article that covers five services that you may want to consider paying for instead of doing it yourself. One of them is very near and dear to Dan’s heart. Check out the website for more content www.bcbousa.com

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Full Recap:

It’s Thirsty Thursday and Dan is soooooo ready for happy hour. This week has been hectic so far, but as always we are figuring things out and getting things done. Friendly reminder like we do every Thursday to make sure you are scheduling time in your week to review the company financials and overall health of the company. 

Today we cover an article (Click Here to Read) that talks about 5 services that you might want to consider paying someone else to take care of instead of doing it yourself. As discussed on many podcasts, your time is valuable – make sure you are spending it wisely. 

The first item was lawn care which is something that Dan started paying for this year. Dan loves cutting the grass, but it also took up 60-90 minutes of his weekend all spring, summer, and fall. He made the decision to spend that time with friends and family, working on other projects, reading, etc. instead and is extremely happy with the decision.

The second item was hiring a travel agent. That is not something Dan has done, but knows many people who have and see the value in doing so. Can save you time and money over trying to do it all yourself. Third item is grocery pick-up or delivery service. This is another item that Dan has started using. The time and money saved taking advantage of the pick-up feature has been fantastic. Instead of wandering around the store and getting sucked into impulse buys that aren’t great for his wallet or his diet, he now creates a list, picks it up on the way home from work, and is reaping the benefits.

The fourth item is to hire a business coach. GREAT IDEA! Dan LOVES this idea. All joking aside, hiring a business coach (Dan or someone else) is a great way to provide clarity, help set goals, reduce stress, and take your business to the next level. You don’t have to figure it all out alone. There are people who can help and share their expertise and advice to help you get where you want to go. 

Lastly, hire a tax professional to handle your taxes. Spending hours gathering tax records, hunting down expenses, etc. is not the best use of your time. Hire professional people trained to handle these things and there is a good chance it could actually save you money due to them knowing all the tax reductions you may be able to receive that you are not even aware of.