Today’s Wannabe Wednesday episode is the first of a two part episode. It’s so good we had to spread it out! It’s all about trust, and building trust in your company with both your employees and your customers. People want to work for and buy from people they trust. Simple as that. Today we cover the first 2 cores of credibility. Check out the website for more content


Developing and nurturing trust in your company is one of the keys to success. Whether it be with your employees or customers, being none as a trustworthy person and trustworthy company can mean the difference between success and failure. People want to work for and buy from people they trust. Simple as that.

Customers who trust you and your company will come back for repeat business over and over again. A great example Dan uses is our mechanic. We trust him completely. We depend on his expertise. We do not question his pricing or suggestions. Over time he has shown to be a man of high character and integrity. There is no reason for us to shop our business elsewhere. In your own personal life the experience is the same. You are likely to go to the same stores and use the same services over and over again if they have developed a trust with you. Conversely, you are not going to shop at a store or use someone’s services who you feel is looking to take advantage of you.

The same holds true for your employees. People want to work for a company where they feel like they are appreciated and doing honest work. If the owner of the company or it’s managers are untrustworthy and always looking to take advantage of people it can lead to high employee turnover and employees who are in turn looking to advantage of you before you take advantage of them. It is a lose-lose.

There are 4 core of credibility according to the company Franklin Covey (developer of many training and leadership programs, etc.). The first two are your integrity and your intent. Integrity speaks to your honesty, truthfulness, and congruence. It means doing the right thing, and sticking to your word. Intent speaks to your motive and agenda. Are you honest and transparent with your motivation or do people think you always have a secret hidden agenda?

People want to work with and buy from someone who they know is honest, transparent, and is not looking to advantage of them. An open, honest agenda creates a win-win situation for everyone involved. If someone has to question everything you say or do because you have a track record of dishonesty or being unreliable it can lead to the downfall of your company. The golden rule goes a long way here. Do the right thing. Treat others how you want to be treated.

Tomorrow we will cover the other 2 cores of creditability and discuss trust behaviors that can be practiced and implemented into your daily routine.

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