The time has come to make the journey back down south. Today we discuss the dynamics and differences of being in office versus working remotely. Dan is able to share his first hand experiences and the key takeaways he has from his summer spent in NJ. Be back in time to see the leaves change colors! Check out the website for more content


Today’s episode is more of a personal episode as Dan shares his thoughts and feelings about being back up in NJ these past 11 weeks. The transition back into the office after such an extended time working remotely was awkward at times at first, but overall the experience was great. As discussed in many previous episodes, there are pros and cons to both in office and remote working. Luckily for Dan, he truly enjoys and gets benefits from both. The time spent in the office this summer with everyone has been rewarding and productive. The time spent outside of work with family and friends that he missed was exactly what he needed.

No big technical or inspirational nugget in this episode. Just a good old fashioned personal message. Thank you all for listening and be back in NJ in October. Have a great weekend.

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