Today’s episode starts with a birthday shoutout to a very special person in the BCBO world – GINA!! Happy Birthday G! Then we jump into our Wannabe Wednesday topic which includes more goal setting strategies that you can implement to help you receive the success you are looking for. Check out the website for more content


First of all, want to wish Gina a very happy birthday! Gina is so important to what we do here at Blue Collar Back Office, and is also simply an important person in Dan’s life. You can find tons of reviews online about our company, and almost everyone of them is people raving about Gina and what an impact she has made on their business, etc. Gina also has one of the all-time best laughs that you will ever hear. If you ever meet Gina, make her laugh, you’ll be glad you did.

For today’s Wannabe Wednesday episode we wrap up going through the 14 step guide presented by Brian Tracy that covers goal setting techniques. In the past we have covered writing down your goals clearly, setting deadlines, identifying obstacles, identifying skills you can work on, identifying people whose support you will need, making lists, prioritizing your tasks, and making a plan to start working on those tasks. Today’s first topic involves the self discipline of working on tasks single-mindedly. As discussed in many past episodes, single tasking instead of trying to complete multiple tasks at once has a big impact on your overall success. The ability to eliminate distractions and work with 100% focus on one task at a time will lead to more effective and efficient results.

Next, we want to practice visualizing our goals. Dan knows this may sound cheesy for some people, but visualizing yourself already achieving and having what you want makes a difference. It can effect your confidence and how you present and carry yourself. Dan uses the example of how he visualizes a sales call with a potential client before it happens. He pictures it going well, being able to show the value we can offer, etc. If instead he visualized the call going poorly and focusing on all the negative things that might happen you can guess how the call would likely go.

Lastly, work on a goal setting exercise of writing down 10 goals you would like to achieve in the next year. Write each goal in the present tense starting with the word I followed by an action verb. Instead of saying “I will earn enough money to purchase such and such dream car” say “I drive such and such dream car”. Mentally work on putting yourself in the position of already achieving your goals. Then look over the list ask yourself “If I could wave a magic wand and achieve any goal on this list in the next 24 hours, which one goal would have the greatest positive impact on my life?”. Circle the goal and then move it to the top of your list. Start working towards it. Today.

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