We continue today to discuss the difference between being a proactive or reactive person. Another excellent way to evaluate and become aware of whether you are proactive is to consider where you focus your time and energy. Do you focus on the concerns in life you can influence and control or do you spend more time focusing on things that you have no influence on at all? Check out the website for more content www.bcbousa.com


The world today provides a wide variety of things for us to be concerned about – our heath, our children, climate change, political issues, etc. However, there are only certain things that we actually have the ability to control and have influence over. Assessing whether we focus more time on the things we can influence and control and not the things we can’t is a good way to determine how proactive or reactive you are as a person.

Proactive people focus their efforts in what Stephen Covey calls the Circle of Influence. These are the items we can control and where we can make an impact. Their energy is positive and as they continue to work on themselves and make changes their Circle of Influence grows. Reactive people focus their efforts and time on what is called the Circle of Concern. These are items they can’t control. We have no impact on whether or not it is going to rain this weekend. Focusing our energy and time on the possibility it might is fruitless. The negative energy created only continue to increase the Circle of Concern and shrink the Circle of Influence.

As we go through our day let’s remember that we have the ability to choose how we respond to things. We have the ability to determine where we are going to focus our time and energy. Focusing on the things we can change and the impact we can make, particularly in ourselves, makes a big difference in our overall well-being, success, and happiness.

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