What do we get to do today? We get to go to work! We get to work on our vision and our goals! Let’s start the week off with a little reminder of why we work so hard, and why it is important to continue working on our goals even when we aren’t seeing immediate results. Check out the website for more content www.bcbousa.com


Sometimes you can be working hard on your goals and not seeing results. Putting in the hours, putting in the planning, doing all the right things and still not seeing any tangible results. Is it time to quit? NO! Make adjustments along the way as necessary of course, but if you truly believe in what you are working on, and truly believe you are doing the right things then keep working. It will pay off.

Dan uses this very podcast as an example. There aren’t thousands, or even hundreds, of people listening everyday. But he knows this is the right thing to do, not only for himself, but for the business. The podcast creates content, spreads the word of the company around to people who might have never heard of us, updates the website daily which has background benefits. After almost six months, we are starting to see some tangible results in terms of website traffic, phone calls, social media interactions, etc. If Dan had quit doing this two months into because he did not see the immediate results he wanted none of the long term benefits would showing themselves now.

Once you quit, the opportunity of something good happening disappears. That doesn’t mean that 100% of the time you hard work is going to pay off exactly how you envisioned it to, it means you are giving yourself the chance. Put good out into the world and get good back. Give yourself the opportunity to experience something great by not giving up on your goals.

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