We wrap another jam packed week by covering a topic that came up on a phone call earlier. Do you compare yourself to other businesses in your industry or area? If so, what criteria are you using? If not, why? BCBO is in competition with BCBO and its potential. Nothing but continued success to other companies in the industry! Check out the website for more content.


Earlier this week while on the phone with a potential (now current) client, the question was asked how BCBO compares to other bookkeeping companies in the area. Dan assumed the question was in regards to pricing, but it was meant more in terms of clients, size, etc. We here at BCBO have no idea how many clients other bookkeepers in the area have and quite frankly don’t care.

Our goal at BCBO is make sure we are maximizing our potential and reaching our goals. We focus on the value that we can provide our clients, customer loyalty, continued growth, and teamwork. Our sales goals are based on data and the structure we have created in the office to handle bringing on new clients and based on budgets for new growth year over year. There is not a finite amount of success in the world. We hope that all bookkeeping businesses in the area are thriving and growing. Their growth plan and size does not impact ours.

Dan believes small businesses are a backbone for American society and the economy. The mission of Blue Collar Back Office is to help other small businesses be successful. Any other company out there that has similar goals and is helping other small businesses we are in support of and want them to be as successful as possible.

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