Today we begin our deep dive into Habit 2 – Begin with the End in Mind from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Last week we dipped our toes in the water with an overview of its meaning and today we jump right into one of the guiding principals. All things are created twice. First there is a mental creation, and then the physical creation. Check out the website for more content


Beginning with End in Mind is all about having clear understanding of your destination. That not only means your physical destinations, but also mental, moral, and emotional destinations. What do you want out of life? What is your definition of true success? Answers to these questions tie into your principals and values and should help drive you as you move throughout life and work on your goals. Without a proper understanding of what you want and where you are going you can end getting caught up in what is called an activity trap – you are busy, but not effective.

Begin with the End in mind is based on the principal that all things are created twice. First there is the mental creation and then the physical creation. An example would be building a home or starting a business. You wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) just start building a home without taking the time to plan out the design and construction, right? There needs to be blueprints, schedules, material selections, etc. before you actually start building. The same is true with your goals. Without spending proper time planning and visualizing where you want your goals to take you, you can’t properly chart the course to get there. Poor planning leads to poor results. Don’t spend enough time planning on the build of your house, and you may end up with a bathroom without a toilet.

All things are created twice by design or default. Someone always has the first creation, it is only a matter of whether or not you are the one that is doing the creating. If we do not develop our own visions and goals based on our principals and values, someone else will write a script for us. We will find ourselves reactive, and constantly trying to please other people and live the life that they (people or circumstance) have written for us. Humans have the amazing capabilities of imagination, self-awareness, and conscience that enable us to create and then act upon them. Use those capabilities, don’t leave them up to someone or something else.

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