Sometimes we cover topics that can save your a couple minutes here and there, maybe even seconds. They are important because they all add up and create a nice space in your week to tackle the important items that sometimes get pushed to the back burner. Today we are going to discuss something that immediately adds significant time back into your week. How much time do you spend writing/printing checks, stuffing them in envelopes and then mailing them out? If you use QuickBooks Online and the answer is higher than zero then you need to listen to this episode.

Small businesses rely on QuickBooks to record bills, keep their books up to date, and manage the accounting for their business, so enabling fast and easy bill payments is the natural next step for any accounting software package. QuickBooks offers Bill Pay powered by Melio, a free, integrated payment solution that allows QuickBooks users to easily pay business bills in the office or on the go.

Time is a valuable commodity. Reducing the hours allocated to tedious bookkeeping tasks such as logging payments and sending invoices is pivotal if owners want to focus on the success of their business. Bill Pay powered by Melio can automatically capture bills and invoices to digitize the paper trail and save time. It delivers easy tracking of money sent, so business performance can be monitored from the office or via smartphone when on the go.

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