Quickbooks causing you stress?

Quickbooks is Complex and this eBook is here to help!

About The EBook

How are you currently managing bookkeeping for your small business? Paper and filing folders? Excel spreadsheets? Better yet, are you working off of a pile of receipts by tax time?

Bookkeeping is one of the biggest headaches any small business owner faces, because most are also doing a majority of the hands-on work for the company. If you’re working hard all day on a project, do you really want to head back to the office afterwards? Of course not. No one does!

Software, unfortunately, doesn’t immediately run itself and solve this problem. It’s going to require a bit of legwork to get the numbers rolling and this eBook will help make some sense of Quickbooks because it’s written by our team who works with contractors everyday that are facing the same Quickbook challenges as you are.

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The Answer to Your Bookkeeping Fears:

Quickbooks is the easiest, fastest way to remove a large chunk of the added tasks that business ownership presents. Here are just a few things that we’ll touch on in the eBook:


  • Track all transactions and bank records
  • Manage inventory, vendor, and customer data
  • Create and send invoices or purchase orders and manage accounts to follow up for payment
  • Manage payroll, including taxes and deductions
  • Keep track of finances in real-time to ensure you’re ready for tax season
  • Review accounts, profits and losses, and more at-a-glance

About Blue Collar Back Office.

Blue Collar Back Office offers answers to most of your daily needs as a small business owner, and is designed specifically for blue collar businesses. If you’re ready to get back onto the job site, then Blue Collar Back Office is ready for you.

Our staff is comprised of Quickbooks Certified Proadvisors which means our team has passed multiple exams administered by Intuit (the creators of QuickBooks).

These yearly exams show that the ProAdvisor is proficient the QuickBooks products, which means that we can help your business with most (if not all) of your accounting and bookkeeping needs.


Let Blue Collar Back Office take over the everyday tasks while you chase the success you deserve.

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If you’re ready to find relief from your bookkeeping nightmares, let Blue Collar Back Office do the bookwork so you can get back to the heavy lifting. You’re the expert, and your business needs you on the job. Hand off the backend work to a different set of experts and spend more time doing what you love.

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